Bloody language at last as workers go to class war…

Willow - London

Good to see the unions finally starting to use strong bloody language in defense of the  British workers who are striking over this EU directive that says that employers can ship workers over and pay them the payrates from their country of origin.

Consequently the handful of big job-providing construction jobs in the country are being built by workers from elsewhere, being paid much less than it costs to have a basic life in England. In a Dickensian twist, some of these workers are being “housed” in ships docked in cold rivers. I feel the chill shiver of my mine-working ancestors as I write….

The government, interrupted in its Davos economic rescue work, has been scathing it its language, labelling these workers “economically illiterate” and “racist” in an effort to get them to pipe down.

Mr Mendelson, that propigator of nineties-style bigspin, was first out of the box, airdropping his oped pieces in papers across the city. You must not stand in the way of globalisation, he wrote from his warm and tax-payer-paid-for office.

He was backed up by the “big thinkers” in editorials and opeds across the City. The unions seemed unable to act - particularly stung by the allegations of racism!
In our blood though, we citizens know that this is not about globalism or racism. This is about rich shareholders from elsewhere undercutting pay conditions that are needed to live in England. Much blood has been spilt for them.
At last the union administration, forced by their members, assembled the guns and start firing back.

Yesterday, Unite’s Derek Simpson put out a statement saying this “unofficial” action is not about race or immigration: “It’s about class,” he said, “Its about employers who  exploit workers regardless of their nationality by undercutting their hard won pay and conditions. These are rights that trade unionists have fought long and hard for while ultra right wing groups did nothing but stoke hatred in our towns and cities.

Trade unionists stand against everything the BNP stand for. We have warned union members on construction sites to remain vigilant when it comes to ultra right wing leeches.”

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