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Practice your PR skills. Yes it’s time to slip on the Alice Band, use the rising inflection and maybe win a prize. Be prepared for the weekly competition where we identify the PR challenge of the week. You might have a chance to: » save the Democrats » market cigarettes to children in the third world » defend executive share bonus schemes You may think of it as a Hypothetical. Others may see it as billable advice. If this appeals, have your subscriber number handy and call in during the segment. The winner will be selected by the Spin panelists according to their judgement and expertise, which means it might as well be at random. WARNING: The Spin takes no responsibility for the often twisted and perverted ideas put forward by listeners.

New song for So

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Melbourne Lord Mayor John So has reached iconic status.  The man who needs a pause after his name to accommodate the applause now has his own song, courtesy of Melbourne’s The Music Men.
The Spin felt this was rather unfair.  What about song titles for other politicians?
Spinner Ray suggested ‘John Howard, he’s our coward’, while Al […]

Saving Private Nine

Monday, March 20th, 2006

When we suggested that Nine should be promoing new shows during its rare ratings hit for the year, the Commonwealth Games, we hit on the bright idea of getting our bright subscribers onto the case, trying to come up with some winning titles that the commentators could promote during boring moments, such as when another […]