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The search for the Worst Overall Preposterous Press Announcement continues. This segment wraps up the show and is perfect for raising items which have no thematic connection to anything else on the show. This is where you might hear The Spin highlight a municipal press release destined for the circular file, or perhaps some lonely sub-editors atrocious attempt at a pun. Or just some really dickhead thing said by a real dickhead. WOPPAs: If you’ve got a big one, tell us about it at The Spin’s email address.

Vlad the Spin Stunner

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

By Willow
Spin WOPPA of the Week comes from emergent spin star, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, whose claim that the war against Georgia was nothing to do with local issues, but really an attempt by the Republicans to get John McCain elected President.
“They (the Republicans) needed a small, victorious war,” he said, by way […]