Corporates and Govt set VIC record on dump-taking at Games

Among the many services we at The Spin provide is a regular look at who is taking advantage of the “cover” of a big news event to “dump” their bad news.

The eternal international Gold Medal for dumping (and getting caught) goes to one Brit Press Secretary who infamously put out a memo (!!!) telling public servants to put out all their bad news, just hours after S11.

And we counted at least one Aussie pollie who put out a press release with an embarrassing policy reversal at the exact moment Cathy Freeman won Gold at the Sydney Olympics. That’s got to be a world record for pressing the fax stream button.

It is a practice that our shame files seem to do nothing to prevent.

Still, undaunted, we are compiling a list of those who are announcing job losses, hospital waiting list rises and other unwanted headlines while Aussies compete for gold.

So far, they are:

United Airlines, shutting down their Melbourne office; ANZ sending all our personal and financial files to be kept in India; Vic Govt putting out the waiting list stats for Vic Hospitals, including a large jump in patient waiting at the Royal Melbourne, Optus - hundreds of job losses.

We know there are more out there, and we need YOUR help to track them down. Put them here or if you’re dobbing on your own boss, send us an email at

One Response to “Corporates and Govt set VIC record on dump-taking at Games”

  1. Willo Says:

    We really should do a horn blow over this one. Matt Price in the Sunday Herald Sun did his column on spindrying (AKA taking a dump) on Sunday, recalling the incident where Kim Beazley overturned his private health policy while Cathy Freeman won her gold medal.
    He also picked up Kevin Andrews for putting out a 600 page memorandum explaining the new IR laws during the Games. But come on, he’s not trying to tell us that the IR laws were set to come into effect this week because it was smack between the Comm Games and the Grand Prix, is he? Surely that sort of cynicism is way beyond belief??? Then again, Nick Minchin as good as admitted that the IR laws are proving difficult for the Fed Govt, saying (and I quote Matt Price’s column) “Poll after poll demonstrated that the Australian people don’t agree with anything at all we’re doing on this…”

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