How to Spin two weeks underground into a lifetime of PR Gold

At last, the media event you’ve all been waiting for - and no, it’s not just the trapped miners being brought above ground at last, thank God.No, I’m talking about the Spin podcast returning after, well, extensive “technical difficulties.” (Okay, it was really just because certain team members had difficulties with the technology - learning difficulties!)

And what a shame our return to the i-waves is too late to replace Foofighters on Todd and Brant’s iPods. They could have listened to some fabulous tips (from our professional spinmeisters and our even more lateral listeners) on how to convert their underground nightmare into a dreamy media-funded lifestyle where they’ll never have to work again.

Also, the Spin team works out how to solve the Victorian liberals woes again (tip #1 get iPod, listen to Spin) and also has some good goss about sneaky new marketing techniques.

So for all that and more, and just in case you’re ever stuck a kilometre underground without your iPod, click on the link down to the right of this spiel, and download this week’s long-awaited return-of-Richo episode of The Spin with Richo, Katters and Little Boy.

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