How to win elections, with Barack Obama

Willow, London

As Gordon Brown tries his heart out to soak up some electorate love by hanging out with Barack Obama, I’ve been reflecting on the fact that everyone who stuck their neck around the door of an Obama canvassing centre is now writing an anatomy of his win.

I have just finished reading a rather earnest one. It has excellent references to the way team Obama forged communication lines in new media, and the way Obama made the cynical electorate feel it, at last, was all about them.

It’s all very good stuff, and true, but it does not mention, as no-one yet has to my knowledge, the single biggest appeal of Brand Obama.

And no, I don’t mean that he’s black, or that his bum is skinnier than his wife’s, or that he is the greatest speaker since Martin Luther King.

NO. Brand Obama is eerily like what you would get if you could evolve a younger version of the best, brightest, most untarnished political brand of our times.

And who is that man, who has the world falling over themselves to be near him? Of course it is Nelson Mandela. Who looks just like he could be Obama’s old, wise father.

Or is it just me?

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