Nikko gets the guns out on Axl’s spin

Like me, you are no doubt jubilant about the imminent release of Guns N Roses’ newest album, Chinese Democracy. It’s been 17 years in the making, which makes you wonder (a) how shithouse Axl sounds these days, and (b) why he couldn’t come up with a more original name to generate pre-release publicity.

    Perhaps he meant to release it during the Olympics, but forgot.

    Anyhoo, for a bunch of songs Axl began working on the year after Collingwood won their last flag, you’d hope he’d have nailed it. Unfortunately, I have just come across the self-deprecating summary on the band’s website. I think this answers my questions with far more sureity than any album reviewer ever could……..

… sadly we have to paraphrase here, as the author Nikko originally quoted has threatened to sue The Spin for breach of copyright (under 100 words is fine where I come from, but we don’t want to upset the very passionate Ms Fox) ….

Erin Fox writes that “many agree that Guns N’ Roses is one of the most important and influential bands in the entire history of rock music.” That’s history, in its entirety.

“Millions have been born onto this Earth and millions of others have passed on without ever seeing this day finally come I’m sorry, is this Guns n Roses, or the Second Coming she’s talking about?

Finally, Ms Fox says that for an entire generation, (that would be my generation, and you can’t take copyright of that) the release of a Guns N’ Roses record is as important as a wedding or the birth of a child. (Something, I assume, Ms Fox has not yet done or she would know how bollocks that statement is.)

Erin, we at The Spin hope it makes you feel better when we say, sincerely, that we never would and never could pretend to have written such words…

Hopefully you’ll forgive us for allegedly infringing on your copyrights. Or maybe you’re upset because our original correspondent Nikko, “cut you short just a fraction, because this turgid nonsense goes on for another 40 (oversized) paragraphs.”

Nikko (with some incursions by Ed)

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