Obama euphoria hides some toxic dumps

By Willow in London

Yes, and before you knife me for not melting into my seat as I watch and read about the new US President, I confess to a small feeling of hope surrounding him… a feeling he has wisely been playing down now that he has pulled off the impossible dream.

We’ll let the US have the glow that comes from having the only political superstar on the planet, and wish them well. Back in the gloomy ol’ Blighty though, let’s look at who’s dumping their bad news in the wake of the glitzy inauguration special, or the 12 page wraparound special…

Obviously the Royal Bank of Scotland has had such toxic news to dump that it still managed to struggle through the media euphoria.

As an old health media hack, I was more interested in the fact that the UK Government leaked reports showing that Accident and Emergency units are seriously failing at the moment -something that anyone who uses the NHS has known for months.

Many hospitals are on constant bypass, and hardly any have met their targets of seeing sick people within FOUR HOURS….  but this horrid admission got only page ten coverage (the ignored left hand side of the newspaper) in my Evening Standard.

Now, of course, when we all settle down and the opposition tries to make something of it, the government will just say “That’s old news, we released it last week.”

The media hate “old news”, so it probably will not be properly examined. Or at least the government will be hoping that’s what happens.

C’mon Opposition, you can do it. Take some cameras to the entrance of any A&E you care to pick (St Georges would be a good choice) and spend a few minutes talking to the relatives of an old granny who’s been in the corridors for hours with nary a nurse, let alone a cup of tea in sight…

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