Scotty reflects on old spin poet….

Scotty, Melbourne:

A time capsule has unearthed evidence of a time when Spin Doctors had a
touchingly humble view of their role and capabilities.

Septugenarian former political PR hack Noel Tennison has told “The
Australian” Media section of his early days in what was then hte early
days of what then may not even have been called a profession.

“Tennison, a former trade union journal editor from Brisbane, launched
into political PR in Melbourne in 1972 when it was an undefined art rather
than the pseudo-science it has become among today’s professional spin

They were the days when there was personal trust between public relations
advisers and politicians and the task was to help the politicians express
themselves, rather than tell them what to say.

All that has changed, says Tennison, with the multiple layers of advisers
and spin doctors forming a barrier between politicians and the public.

“The people I worked for achieved what they did largely on their own
merits,” he says. “I just helped them along the way. ”

In the great tradition of PR, Tennison is of course plugging his book “My
Spin in PR”, which sounds like a tautology. Good luck to him.

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