Tepid spin on warming as the world freezes….

Willow - back in London after a cool Australian summer Christmas.

Have you noticed that throughout this chilling northern hemisphere winter, whenever the press runs a story on the arctic conditions around the world, they run a little side-story from some wonk explaining how this does not mean that global warming is not real?

All these articles are designed to stop us from daring to challenge global warming dogma even as people in Canada suffer from rooves collapsing from snow (on rooves that were designed for the stuff) and England and Germany have their coldest winters in 20 years.

In England, they’ve been apologising for the cool summers for the past two years now: “It’s not usually like this,” they say as they huddle inside from the latest windstorm.

So isn’t it time for the press to start challenging these graphs that supposedly show that this is a blip of super-chill? Except that newspapers around the world are losing journalists faster than that iconic iceblock under that polar bear is (allegedly) melting….

* ps - before you start, I believe that we should be taking better care of our God-given world and doing everything we can to live simpler lives so that the world works well for our children.

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