The Spin team

“The Spin dissect topics of the week with wit, intelligence and vigour” - The Age.

“A jewel in a day of intelligent programming” - The Age.

“The Spin (is) great because you got a perspective from genuine political advisers and spindoctors who would often harshly critique working journalists and the mainstream media.” -

“It’s a sad snapshot of my life, but my favourite time of the week is when I hear the honourable Premier’s mumbled words, “its bean paantaaastic”, in your outro. I know it’s coming everytime, but I still can’t stop pissing myself. Please don’t stop playing it, EVER.” - Simon, RRR subscriber

“The 3AW breakfast team pinch the odd snippet from Crikey, but quite a bit of material from ‘The Spin’ on RRR also pops up on The Rumor File from time to time.” -

“Fresh and occasionally libellous” - The Age.


In late 1999 the Spin team put together a pilot tape which was naturally, and some would say rightfully, ignored by RRR.

In 2000 Programming Director, Chris Peakin, found the tape and needing an hour to fill the Sunday talk line-up courageously gave the Spin the nod. The first show went to air on Easter Sunday 2000. Chris is no longer with the station.

Six years and many controversies later the Spin team continue to challenge and excite themselves - and hopefully you too.

The Team….

Check out the Spin team and their orginal aliases. 

Jon Richards aka Richo

Jon Richards aka Richo 

Despite graduating with a BA, Mien host Richo got a job as a journalist. He then proceeded to spend his time writing scripts for Doug Mulray, D-Generation and Artist Services.

In the early 90’s Richo moved to the dark side as a political spindoctor for then Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett. Richo also worked as Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Victorian National Party but quickly became disillusioned with socialism and left for the richer pastures of corporate affairs.

Richo currenty lives in London where he is Head of Parliamentary Affairs for a large corporately responsible multinational. He refuses to recognise ‘casual Friday’.

Despite best advice Richo is a paid up member of the Western Bulldogs Football Club.

Brian Boyd aka Boydy

Brian Boyd aka Boydy 

One time messenger of Mao, the beefy Secretary of Victorian Trades Hall has worked on building sites and worked over building sites. He is the author of Inside the BLF.

Disturbingly Boydy is qualified to teach your children.

Boydy is always looking after the little bloke so naturally is a member of the Melbourne FC.

Rebecca Cooper aka Delilah

Chief enforcer and Boydy disciplinarian.

Former political staffer and known to make grown men cry, Delilah is Director of a strategic development consultancy.

Delilah is a passionate member of the Carlton FC.

Craig Little aka Little Boy

Craig Little ake Little Boy 

Little Boy cut his teeth writing ads for corn and luxury cars before venturing into the world of publishing - due to the healthy girl-to-boy ratio. He has worked on PR accounts including Shell, Vodafone and Sydney’s Olympic Stadium.

Now a communications manager with a State Government Department, Little Boy is reeking a new kind of havoc, conceptualising and now comparing an initiative to foster closer working relationships between Ministerial Offices - ‘Dancing With The Staffers’ (you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen Mary Delahunty do the Lambada… the ‘forbidden dance’).

Little Boy knows the media intimately, having dated news reporters from the ABC and all three commercial television networks.

Often referred to as the “drinking woman’s sex symbol” and the Spin Doctor equivalent of Bundaberg Base’s Jayant Patel, Little Boy has been labelled the man most likely to land The Spin in Court. He barracks for the Blues and has the longest CV on this page.

Serena Williams aka Willo

Serena Williams aka Willo 

A long career in newspapers, TV news, Federal politics and corporate affairs has convinced Willo that it is all a waste of time and that no-one cares about social issues as much as she does. Check her banging on about it at blesspress. Willo is an author and opinion writer for both News Ltd and Fairfax.

Residing in London for the time being, Willo currently does live crosses with  3AW on Sunday afternoons.

Willo is a member of the London Press Club and the Western Bulldogs FC.

Key Contributors…

Ben Catford aka Catters

The baby of the team Ben is a young face in the world of PR and is The Spin’s blatent attempt to capture the yoof demographic. Recently finishing his university degree and now based at a consultancy, Ben is still coming to terms with spin, spinning and being spun. Ben is a cross-cultural junkie and works part-time as a writer and presenter of promotional documentaries for an aid organisation. Working with the camera has recently led Ben to the unfamiliar territories of Kazakhstan, Malawi, Bangladesh and Croydon. Outside of the media arena Ben’s interest extend to film theory, live music and Christian theology. Ben digs the Crows.

Rowan Lee aka Rodent

Our man at the trough, the connoisseur of the rubber chicken and authority on the underbelly of PR our very own Rodent is a former political operative and has been a public affairs consultant with most of the now defunct multinational agencies. He claims no responsibility for their demise although is credited with Carlton finishing with three wooden spoons.

Nick Coe aka Nicko

Born in Wangaratta Nicko’s daily exposure to fatal car accidents on the Hume Highway naturally led to a cadetship with the Wangaratta Chronicle.

In 1990 he joined Prime Television in Albury, where besides covering fatal car accidents on the Hume Mighway he was introduced to Richo, quality bourbon and the music of Nick Cave. In 1996 he joined National Nine News in Melbourne.

Nicko is partial to the Collingwood FC.

Felicia Williams aka Henrietta

Until recently, Henrietta Hairband has been in the unusual, and rather uncomfortable, position of sitting on both sides of the journalist / PR divide.Henrietta is a PR gun for a hire with a difference… she won’t do gambling or cigarettes. Her latest assignment is likely to take her on a collision course with the common man. Like many other of the Spin’s doctors, she supports the doggies… Mmm.. there’s a real ‘common man’ theme here…