Podcast for Sunday June 3 - There was a backflip at the station…

There was movement round the station….Certainly was at Triple R on Sunday when Richo, Little Boy, Willo and Catters looked at the winners and losers of Howards backflip on privatisation of the Snowy scheme. All the tricks utlilied it was indeed brilliant to watch. Obvious loser, Morris Iemma, but who would have thought Malcolm Fraser would emerge a winner? That hasn’t happened since, well, he won his last election back in the 70’s.Celebrity Bandwagon, or in this instance celebrity colonisation, saw Angelina Jollie and Brad Pitt take over Namibia for the birth of their child Shiloh. Medical facilities were commenderred, journalists barred from entering the country, and a no fly zone imposed over the hospital. We’ve heard of stars shutting down Myers for a few hours to have a shop without the punters around, but a sovereign state?Plus we have names for Warnie the musical and Jessica Rowe provides plenty of fodder for WOPPA of the Week.So check out the podcast by clicking on the link down to the right of this post…These are the songs we had to edit out of the podcast…

Best Intentions by Mid-State Orange

Woman (remix) by MsKrafty

Haven’t got a clue by The Flaming Lips

Mojo by Peeping Tom

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