War - what is it good for? Good diversion, for one

 How is a yoof-full PR hack to keep his key messages in line when out there and online there’s so much anarchy? We put Catters on the couch, in lieu of his entire self-obsessed and crazy-straight generation, and ask, just how can a modern communicator get “cut through” on his self-promotion with so many other My-Spacers trying to do exactly the same thing.

In return, Catters shares his World Cup/ Middle East War analogy and Little Boy exults that Jessica Rowe did indeed rise to the Everest-sized PR challenge he threw her a few weeks ago, showing a lot of class by stopping to save the deboned Eddie Everywhere on the way up .

Willow analyses the Prime Minister’s latest diversionary tactic, sorry Water Rescue Package,. She thinks it was just an attempt to deflect attention from his fight with Costello. But he should have kept his PR powder as dry as drought-stricken Australia, because you told us that who-said-what in the latest liberal leadership stoush is one of your biggest news turnoffs in an unusual Come In Spinner.

For all this, some snouts in troughs, and maybe a little bit more, tune in to this week’s episode of The Spin

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