We no longer have a role for you

Scotty: Melbourne: 

How do you tell someone they’ve just been fired? How do you throw pixie dust at clients so they believe service won’t diminish even after lay-offs and site closures?

How do you come up with quotes like this:

“We are right-sizing Carat for several key reasons: client spend reduction, re-prioritization and focus on our core services and a streamlining of our operations. These efforts have been based on a thorough evaluation of our structure, operating and staffing costs.”?

All in a day’s work for the spin doctors of the HR world. A rare insight into the working of HR spinmeisters comes via “Slate”, which has posted online a draft internal communications plan accidentally emailed to various non-authorised recipients by the “Chief People Officer” of Carat corporation. Whoops. The inevitable PowerPoint can be read in all its glory, including mark-ups and suggestions.

 Link is here. http://www.slate.com/id/2206237/entry/0/

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