Willow blows her horn on Osborne unrest….

Only a few weeks back I said the only way forward for GlamCam was to get rid of a senior shadow cabinet person who was not taking the financial fight to the government…

Well I’ve led the way because now every paper from the Daily Mail to the Spectator is saying the same thing: George Osborne is letting Gordon Brown get away with having created the tinderbox which has destroyed the beloved golden mile and taken tens of thousands of jobs with it.

Stung by all this, GO-GO thought to take the fight to Flash Gordon, by saying the pound was in danger of sliding down south of the rupee and the rand, and, God Forbid, even the Aussie Dollar.

A bold strategy in a country whose wartime PM invented the PR Gold Standard Rule: “in war, the truth must be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.” Anyway, as a lover of bold strategy, I was thrilled. Here was GO-go’s chance to prove that he has the political skill to live up to the smug expression.

He had the stage, now was his chance to use it with devastating cutting wit that would shred big G’s facade again. But no. What did he say? “It’s my job to tell the truth…” he bleated. Er, no, your job is to oppose and puncture the lies, for sure, but we all know the truth. The truth is what we fear, and we need to look through our fear and be galvanised with hope, for a better tomorrow. Your job is to show us how you would do that if you were Chancellor. What would you do, George Osborne? It is now a week since he and GlamCam said they would not guarantee the government’s spending if elected in 2010, provoking squeals of “thatcherism” from the left.

Okay, that’s a good start… but what would you do, given that Britain will likely still be in recession by then (what do we have to get us out of it with the City in tatters)? How will you wean us off our one trillion pound debt? I know what I would do, but I’m not going to post that here for now. I will wait a while to see what develops. Meanwhile, in the next few days I will write up the secret spin that Tired Old Labour is using is using to keep its new paymasters the unions under control!

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